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Am I really spending $1.6 million per year in procurement technology to manage everything in Excel???

That was a real question from a client I was consulting for at a global Fortune 100 company. I was helping them select their next procurement tool, and as we were mapping out processes and where they would live, Excel kept coming up. When you take a step back, it’s actually quite ridiculous. Chief Procurement Officers that manage $1 billion in annual spend, juggle hundreds of projects and have employees across the globe are relying on manually updated spreadsheets. They’re chasing down data from several sources and can’t easily track a project’s progress.

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Procurement is not always seen as a cutting-edge department, I knew there had to be a better way. That one question was the catalyst for me to create a SAAS solution that would actually streamline corporate procurement departments. Focal Point allows organizations to maximize the value of every dollar spent on third parties, ensure the safety and security of all transactions, and enhance the customer experience.

Leadership Team

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Anders Lillevik

Chief Executive Officer

After being a procurement executive for over 20 years, Anders founded Focal Point to help organizations maximize the value of their procurement spend.

Maxim Maximov

Chief Technology Officer

Brings over 20 years of development operations experience through multiple CTO positions.

Vanessa Logan

Head of Client Success

Combines hands on procurement and client service skills to lead client success.

Derek Walker

QA Manager

Computer Science graduate from Georgia State. Leads Quality Assurance function.

Erik Bullen


Serial entrepreneur, seven successful startups. Multiple exits, serves advisor to multiple high-growth startups.

Roy Anderson

Procurement Strategy Advisor

Serial transformational CPO known for delivering value through strategic solutions enabled by cutting edge procurement technology.

Antonio Moreno


Serial entrepreneur, eight startups in telecom and technology. Multiple exits, one with a nine-figure exit.

Erik Bullen

Board of Advisors

Serial entrepreneur, seven successful startups. Multiple exits, serves advisor to multiple high-growth startups.

Roy Anderson

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Anthony Santiago

Procurement Strategy Team Lead

30 years of executive procurement and supply chain experience, known as an early adopter and ground-breaking procurement leader.

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