Know what’s really happening in procurement

Focal Point is procurement's view-to-do platform to track and optimize your process, empower self-service and more accurately measure results.

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Modern procurement
is broken

Your department’s success is only measured by one thing: cost savings. But no one truly understands the hundreds of little tasks it takes to achieve those results.

Marketing just spent the million dollars you saved them in ads. How can you prove your contribution to the business?
You lose sleep at night, wondering if the manually updated spreadsheets you’re reporting on are accurate.
Your performance is only measured by savings, while your contribution is far broader than that. How can you capture the value of all you do?

A clear path through the maze

Focal Point automates and formalizes every step of procurement in a simple, all-in-one solution.

A true expert in your corner

CEO and Founder Anders Lillevik offers knowledge gleaned from 25 years in procurement (15 as a Chief Procurement Officer).

Focal Point - CEO and Founder Anders Lillevik

Optimize Procurement with Three Integrated Modules

Let’s Rock Procurement Together

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