Podcast | Got a Product Recall? Call Procurement

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Beyond finding the right suppliers, procurement has one main mission back in the day: save the company money. Oh, for simpler times.

Procurement used to be tasked with a clear and basic mission: Sign up the best suppliers at the cheapest price. Not anymore. Today, the procurement professional is a multi-talented, multi-skilled individual whose job goes far beyond cost control. (Although that remains, of course, a key consideration.) Of particular importance is procurement’s role in dealing with product recalls, from properly vetting suppliers to shifting into crisis mode when something goes wrong. On this episode, we explore procurement’s expanded role with Anders Lillevik, founder and chief executive officer of Focal Point. He explains how procurement functions today in keeping with its much broader responsibilities, as well as who else in the organization it must work closely with to get the very best out of its supplier base. With that in mind, are there enough people out there who can do the job? Hosted by Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain.