The Limits of S2P Software

There’s a lot S2P suites can do. Some suites may offer adjacent/overlapping functionality in the area of expense report management, commercial cards, supply risk management, inbound supply chain collaboration, supplier-facing capital management, etc. They also support some basic level of spend category functionality for direct materials, services spending, travel/events, IT-specific (e.g., SaaS spend management).

But, even with all this promise, there are some endemic technology gaps with a suite approach that can’t be fixed easily with more S2P features, a simple/elegant UX or even an attractive underlying digital platform to allow better integration (e.g., via numerous open APIs) and extensibility (e.g., via no-code capabilities).

Check out this white paper, written in collaboration with Spend Matters, to explore the limits of traditional S2P Software and what they might mean for your team.